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The Ruler Rules

Get the measure of your quilting rulers and learn how to use them with confidence and accuracy.

What if you could measure, cut, trim and mark your patchwork projects perfectly every time?

With The Ruler Rules you can say goodbye to wasted fabric, wonky cutting lines and uneven patchwork projects. You’ll learn the best techniques for how, where and why to cut, plus develop a greater understanding of all the different ways you can use a quilting ruler and get the full potential from these extremely versatile patchwork tools.

Tell me if this sounds like you…
you’re tired of making cutting mistakes in your patchwork projects because you don’t understand what all the lines on your quilting ruler mean?

What if you always knew what the lines and markings on your ruler meant and how to use them effectively?

That’s exactly why I created The Ruler Rules, because I want to be able to help you get the most from these invaluable patchwork tools and use them with confidence every time.


I’ll take you through all the main features on a quilting ruler, you’ll learn the best techniques for accurate cutting (including my B.O.S.S. Mode method), and different ways to use and enhance your quilting rulers. Learn the magic of rulers and use them perfectly every time…join today!
Right now, you’re struggling with understanding all the markings on your ruler, cutting accurately with minimal fabric waste, and knowing which ruler to choose for different patchwork tasks.
Imagine if you could identify all your ruler features at quick glance, cut with confidence and accuracy every time, and knew when and how to use the correct ruler for each project.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside The Ruler Rules…
Your lessons as four video/slide tutorials plus an eBook version

Anatomy of your ruler
including a closer look at the numbers and lines on your ruler and what they mean, and other interesting features.

Cutting and prep basics; my B.O.S.S. mode to help accurate cutting, rotary cutter safety and a guide to prepping your fabric.

Ruler lines and cutting; different ways to use horizontal/vertical lines, different ways to use diagonal lines, and some cutting don’ts.

Getting more from your ruler including ways to enhance your rulers, non-cutting uses, and a quick look beyond square and rectangular rulers.

PLUS bonus features!!!

Amy’s Favourites
A PDF guide to my favourites rulers, why I like them and a recommended buying order

Ruler Rules Workbook
Put your new knowledge and skills to the test with this fillable workbook

The Patchwork Prep. Facebook group
Access to my exclusive Facebook group. Inside this private community you can ask questions or share any successes you have had.

Who is The Ruler Rules for?

The Ruler Rules is perfect for beginner quilters, whether that is “right at the beginning” beginners or “I’ve been sewing for a while but still struggle with some basics” beginners.

The Newbie Patchworker
As a total beginner I believe you’ll progress even faster if you know and learn the basics right from the start. Without a full understanding of rulers and their features, the cutting process of your projects will slow down (or even totally stop!) before you even get onto the sewing. But don’t worry, you’ll learn everything you need to know in The Ruler Rules.

The Frustrated Quilter
You’ve been sewing for years but still struggle with wasted fabric and wonky cutting lines. Maybe you even avoid certain projects because they involve “too much cutting”? if this sounds like you then you need The Ruler Rules.

5 Modules

The Ruler Rules - Lesson One

Lesson One: Anatomy of your ruler
Numbers, lines, and other features.

The Ruler Rules - Lesson Two

Lesson Two: Cutting and prep basics
B.O.S.S. mode, rulers and cutting, rulers and mats, and prepping your fabric.

The Ruler Rules - Lesson Three

Lesson Three: Ruler lines and cutting
Using horizontal/vertical markings, using vertical markings, and general cutting don'ts.

The Ruler Rules - Lesson Four

Lesson Four: Getting more from your ruler.
Enhancing rulers at home, non-cutting uses, and beyond squares and rectangles.

The Ruler Rules - Bonus Features

Bonus Features:
Amy's Favourites
Ruler Rules Workbook

Modules for this product 5
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