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Seams Perfect

Create spot-on patchwork seams with precision and confidence.

What if you never had to unpick a patchwork seam again?

With Seams Perfect there's no need for mis-match seams and uneven quilt blocks. You'll learn how to sew, press and match your patchwork seams in just a few hours.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

Do you struggle with getting the perfect 1/4″ seam in your patchwork projects?
What if you always knew how to sew, press and match-up all the seams in every quilt block with the tools you already have?
That’s exactly why I created Seams Perfect, because I want to help you create perfect patchwork without always reaching for the seam ripper.


I’ll take you right back to the very first steps to achieving perfect patchwork seams.
I’ll share the techniques I use on every quilt I sew.
Get perfect seams every time…join today!

Right now you’re struggling with patchwork seams that don’t line up, quilt blocks that don’t come out the right size and lumpy, bumpy quilt tops that are hard work to quilt.
Imagine if all your patchwork seams lined up perfectly, all your quilt blocks came out exactly the right size, and all your quilt tops were smooth and even.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Seams Perfect…
Your lessons as four video/slide tutorials plus an eBook version

The Basics including the essential tools you need and the non-essential tools you may already have to want two add to your stash.

Sewing – a guide to testing your 1/4″ seam and setting up your sewing machine plus de-mystifying the term scant seam and why it’s so important.

Pressing – that’s right…there is a whole lesson on how to use and, more importantly, how not to use your iron.

Seam Matching – tips and tricks for accuracy and the best ways to match up different types of seams.

PLUS bonus features!!!

Amy’s Wish List
A PDF guide to my favourite tools and equipment

5 Day Challenge

Put your new skills into practice

The Patchwork Prep. Facebook group
Access to my exclusive Facebook group. Inside this private community you can ask any questions you have about the course and share your progress.

5 Modules

Seams Perfect - Lesson One

Lesson One: the basics
Essential tools, non-essential tools and tips for correcting mistakes.

Seams Perfect - Lesson Two

Lesson Two: sewing
Sewing a straight seam, adjusting your machine, testing 1/4" seam, what is a scant seam, sewing over seams..

Seams Perfect - Lesson Three

Lesson Three: pressing
Pressing basics, to the side vs. open, changing pressing styles and effects of pressing on the front.

Seams Perfect - Lesson Four

Lesson Four: seam matching
Tips for accuracy, seam matching: press to side and seam matching: press open.

Seams Perfect - Bonus Features

Bonus Features:
Amy's Wish List
The 5 Day Challenge

Modules for this product 5
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